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Crystal Reports is designed to produce the report you want from virtually any data source. 

Built-in report experts guide you step by step through building reports and completing common reporting tasks. Formulas, cross-tabs, subreports, and conditional formatting help make sense of data and uncover important relationships that might otherwise be hidden. 

Geographic maps and graphs communicate information visually when words and numbers are simply not enough. 


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SAP Crystal Reports acts as an enabler for profitable growth by providing you and your managers with an in-depth analysis of your business, so everyone has a finger on the pulse of your operations and can make decisions based on facts rather than instincts.  

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Connect to a data source
No matter what type of report you’re designing with SAP Crystal Reports, the first step you’ll always undertake is connecting to a data source. 

And, while you may connect to a data source either within a report wizard, or using the Blank Report option, you’ll have full flexibility for your report with the Blank Report option. 


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Moving from evaluation to production
If you’re new to SAP Crystal Reports and are unsure if it will fit your needs, you are free to install a 30-day evaluation version on your computer.

Once you have determined that SAP Crystal Reports meets your needs, you may purchase a full unrestricted license. Whether you’re using a 30-day evaluation or a fully licensed version of SAP Crystal Reports, you will simply download the installation program from the Crystal Reports website and specify either the 30-day evaluation, or full usage, license key provided to you by SAP. 


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While SAP Crystal Reports pixel-perfect design options permit an unlimited variety of font, color, shading, and image options, newer data visualization directions in Business Intelligence make use of various types of static and interactive charts. 

Depending on your reporting requirements, you may prefer more textual information, more graphical information, or a combination. 


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Create an invoice
One of the many benefits of a “pixel perfect” reporting tool, such as SAP Crystal Reports, is complete freedom to create a document to your exacting needs. Since it’s so critical to your organization’s bottom line, a custom invoice is the perfect use for Crystal Reports. 

Using the Blank Report option is the best starting place for an invoice. This document outlines steps to create an invoice using the Ridin Round.xls sample data source. 


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Learn from our sample reports
SAP Crystal Reports 2020 is a powerful design tool, providing almost infinite possibilities for creating a large variety of printed, on screen, or exported reports. 

To help you make the most of Crystal Reports features and techniques, SAP provides a large selection of sample reports free for the downloading. 

By opening these existing reports in SAP Crystal Reports and examining how features are used, you may quickly design sophisticated, feature rich reports using existing approaches. 


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Data Handling
SAP Crystal Reports’ core capability surrounds database reporting – connecting to any of a wide variety of databases and data sources and making sense of the underlying data. 

While Crystal Reports’ capabilities are very sophisticated and, often, limited by your design imagination, there are several fundamental data handling features virtually every report, whether simple or complex, will make use of: Record Selection / Filtering, Sorting Data, Grouping and Summarizing. 


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It won’t be too long before you encounter a situation where the fields supplied by your report’s data source don’t fully meet all your custom reporting requirements. 

They can be solved with use of SAP Crystal Reports formulas. A formula is a custom calculation, created with Crystal Reports comprehensive formula language. Formulas appear in their own category in the Field Explorer, ready to be placed on the report, and formatted, just like a standard data source field. 


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