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SAP Crystal Server helps businesses identify their most profitable customers, accelerate product innovation, optimize pricing, and discover the drivers of financial performance. This is a source of competitive advantage for small and midsize enterprises.  

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First impressions
SAP Crystal Server is an entry-level business intelligence (BI) solution with robust data exploration, reporting, and distribution functionality.

SAP Crystal Server enables automated distribution, self-service access to reports, dashboards, and data exploration within a secure infrastructure.  

SAP Crystal Server helps business users at all levels make more informed decisions. If you want to try SAP Crystal Server for free for 60 days click here.


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View interactive reports
Using just a web browser, you can view pixel-perfect Crystal Reports with full interactivity. 

The latest version of SAP Crystal Server 2020 uses the Fiorified BI Launchpad, providing the newest leading edge interface. 


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Schedule reports
Automated report scheduling allows you to run standard reports on a flexible schedule. This permits efficient report distribution while minimizing repetitive “hits” against your data sources and databases. 

For example, you might schedule a report to run daily at 2 a.m., which can then be viewed by potentially hundreds of viewers who come in at 8 a.m. 

Hundreds of viewers can make business decisions with only one access to the database! 


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Mass invoicing
When combined with Crystal Server 2016 publication capabilities, you can reduce your total cost of ownership through automated data refresh, report building and distribution, less infrastructure and lowered licensing costs. 


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Sophisticated distribution
Perhaps the most powerful feature of SAP Crystal Server 2016 is the ability to automatically distribute reports that are customized for each individual recipient. 

Report Publications provide infinite flexibility to send invoices, form letters, statements – any pixel-perfect content imaginable – completely customized and automated (note that this feature is available with Concurrent Access Licensing). 

Publications involve three major steps: Create a content report, create the “data driver” report, combine the reports together in a publication.


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