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Start Here: SAP Crystal Server 2016, 1 Named User License (NUL)

Includes SAP Crystal Reports 2016, the de facto standard in reporting, for creating richly-formatted dynamic reports.

Includes SAP Crystal Dashboard Design 2016, so you can deliver actionable insight via dashboards.

Includes SAP Crystal Server to enable secure, self-service, interactive access to reports and dashboards.

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1 Named User License (NUL)


5 Concurrent Access Licenses (CAL)


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Connecting with Microsoft SQL Server. Read the guide.

Pixel-perfect invoice with shipping letter

Crystal Server User interface

Pixel-perfect financial consolidation

Pixel-perfect invoice

Pixel-perfect marketing flyer

Pixel-perfect cheque report

Pixel-perfect finance notice

Pixel-perfect college report

Pixel-perfect time sheet report

Pixel-perfect financial statement

Crystal Reports design interface

Crystal Server Administrative interface

Dashboard template

Pixel-perfect sales report

Ken Hamady: Calendar with daily appointments.

Pre-filled form. Read the guide.

Product sales report. Read the guide.

Ken Hamady: Calendar with multiple days events.

ID Automation: Embed QR codes into reports.

Three D Graphics: Hichert chart as an add-on.

Three D Graphics: Enhanced histogram as an add-on.

ID Automation: Integrate barcodes in your reports.

Crystal Solutions interfaces

SAP Crystal Reports data source connections

SAP Crystal Reports pixel-perfect documents

Pixel-perfect sales dashboard. Read the guide.

Customer Invoice. Read the guide.

SAP Crystal Reports dashboards

Third-party extensions for SAP Crystal Reports

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SAP Crystal Solutions

The secure and market-proven Analytics and Reporting solution for your PC starts at 495 USD per user.

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Connecting with MySQL. Read the guide.

Connecting with SAP BW (OLE DB provider)

Pixel-perfect invoice with consumption data

Crystal Server capabilities


Export option

Server Auditing

Dashboard template

Dashboard template

Learn how Crystal Analytics solutions help small to midsize businesses

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Bar Chart with moving average trendline

Softlang: Crystal report content translation

Softlang: Example of report translation

Table of contents

Find it EZMass update data source conections

Find it EZ: Crystal Reports impact analysis