Download SAP Crystal Reports, developer version for Visual Studio

SAP Crystal Reports 
Runtime (32Bit)

SAP Crystal Reports runtime engine for .NET framework (32Bit).  No IDE integration

Installation package for Visual Studio IDE
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SAP Crystal Reports 
Runtime (64Bit)

SAP Crystal Reports runtime engine for .NET framework (64Bit).  No IDE integration

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SAP Crystal Reports 
Runtime - Merge Modules (32Bit)

SAP Crystal Reports runtime merge modules. No IDE integration

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SAP Crystal Reports 
Web Services/XML Data Driver

Created for developers using the full SAP Crystal Reports designer against Web Services and/or XML data.

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SAP Crystal Reports 
Runtime - Click Once

With its ‘ClickOnce’ functionality, this installation package creates self-updating Windows-based applications, requiring minimal user interaction.

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This wiki provides a quick look-up for all support packs, fixed issues, and distribution file downloads available for Crystal Reports for Visual Studio.

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Access to Previous Runtime Downloads

Need Support?

You can ask a detailed question about your issues on the Crystal Reports, version for Visual Studio community. Visit the ask a question page and select the primary tag as ‘SAP Crystal Reports, version for Visual Studio’ to leave your question or issue.

You can also search through the discussions archive and current questions list for related items.

Supported Visual Studio versions: 2017 (Professional, Premium, Ultimate), 2015 (Professional, Premium, Ultimate), 2013 (Community, Professional, Premium, Ultimate), 2012 (Community, Professional, Enterprise), 2010 (Community, Professional, Enterprise). See the Supported Platforms for details

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