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Now you can easily access your organizational data, format it with stunning new visuals and deliver it as interactive content within your applications and Web portals, all with less effort than ever before.

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SAP Crystal Reports Server

Top Benefits
  • Stunning visualizations
  • Ability to interact with live data
  • Easy to design reports
  • Priced for everyone
  • Integrate reporting into applications with Java & .NET SDKs


"SAP Crystal Reports has leap-frogged everything else on the market. My future as a reporting consultant has never been better, because now I can do so much more with the product."

Rob Hershfield | President, United Data Strategies

"This is a great upgrade! Report designers can save tons of time with Interactive Parameters and Cross-Tab calculated summaries. What used to require IT involvement to create more complicated formulas and workarounds, can now be accomplished with just a few mouse clicks."

George Peck | Author, SAP Crystal Reports: The Complete Reference book series


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