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Includes SAP Crystal Reports 2016, the de facto standard in reporting, for creating richly-formatted dynamic reports.

Includes SAP Crystal Dashboard Design 2016, so you can deliver actionable insight via dashboards.

Includes SAP Crystal Server to enable secure, self-service, interactive access to reports and dashboards.

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Are you a consultant who already refers clients to the Crystal portfolio? The Crystal Solutions Affiliate Program provides a great opportunity for you to make some additional money along the way. You'll make 20% on every sale you refer - whether it's 1 license or 100.

Every customer interaction is an opportunity. Regardless of how you communicate with your audience – blog, website, newsletter, email, SMS etc. – we have everything you need to get up and running so you can easily start making more money. 

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up to $1,748 per license

SAP Crystal Server

up to $99 per license

up to $99 per license

SAP Crystal Reports

SAP Crystal Dashboard Design

You’ll immediately start earning 20% on every sale you refer. Log into the iAffiliate portal 24 hours a day to see how you’re doing.

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Why should I join the SAP Crystal Solutions Affiliate program?
It’s simple. You already work with Crystal customers on a regular basis. Now, you can earn more when you consult with them on which specific Crystal solutions to buy, and refer them directly to SAP. For instance, refer us a customer who purchases Crystal Server, you can make up to $1,748 per license. 

How much does it cost to join?
Nothing! It’s free for you to join.

What is affiliate marketing?
Affiliate marketing is performance-based marketing that rewards affiliates for each sale they refer to our store. In this case, you are the affiliate – someone who has an audience, or base of clients, that is interested in purchasing a solution from the Crystal portfolio (SAP Crystal Reports, SAP Crystal Server or SAP Crystal Dashboard Design). You will utilize a unique URL (aka website link) to promote products or services to your clients via your website, blog, email communications, or other marketing efforts. In return, you’ll earn a commission on purchases resulting from these efforts.

How much commission will I earn?
You earn 20% of the sales price, once any discount promos have been applied. For example, you can earn up to $99 for each license of SAP Crystal Reports, up to $1,748 for each license package of SAP Crystal Server, and up to 949 per each license of SAP Dashboard Design.

Do I need a blog or website to participate in the affiliate program?
No. As long as you have a way to communicate a unique link to your clients, you can participate. For instance, you can also include the link in your email signature, tweet it to your followers, print it on your business cards, etc.

How will I know whether people I refer actually buy?
We work with Impact Radius, a leading digital marketing platform to ensure everything gets tracked properly. Once you sign up with Impact Radius you’ll receive a unique link that credits all referrals to your account. Then, at any time, you’ll be able to see how many clicks and purchases you generated. And, even better, how much you’ve earned.

How are sales tracked?
Sales are tracked using unique links generated for each affiliate by Impact Radius. The customer has 45 days after their last click on your link(s) for purchases to be eligible for commission. 

How and when do I get paid?
Commissions are accumulated over a monthly period and then are paid out 1.5 months later. For example, if you earn $100 in commissions during the month of January, Impact Radius will initiate your payment mid-March. Payments are only made once an affiliate has earned a minimum of $50 in commissions. You select whether to be paid out via check or PayPal (both incur a $5 fee) electronic funds transfer straight to your bank account (no fee).

I'm not familiar with affiliate programs. How do I get started?
No worries, we’ve got you covered. Click here to see step-by-step directions that will guide you through the process.

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